More Than Magazines: 6 Great Ideas for Decorating Your Coffee Table

Twenty years ago, decorating a coffee table was as simple as tossing a few magazines and some coasters on top. But magazines have been replaced by online publications and news sites, read on tablets, smartphones, and e-readers. For a while, coffee table books became a good alternative, but even those seem more like decoration than actual reading material.

Fortunately, there are many more exciting ways to make your coffee table look exciting. These options are just jumping-off points, helping you come up with your own creative ways to create a coffee table that will enhance your room’s décor.

Add a Tray

Trays have become an increasingly popular way to break up the monotony of a coffee table’s large, flat surface. You can use the tray to hold additional decorations like floral vases or candles or you can turn it into a handy place to store miscellaneous items like remote controls and drink coasters.

Stack Books

Instead of setting out a coffee table book, show off your love of literature with a stack of books. If you need extra storage, you can make a secret compartment that hides items like remotes and valuables. Whatever you do with your books, you can combine them with trinkets to achieve the exact look you want.

Choose a Theme

As you choose pieces for your coffee table, you can make it fun by going with a theme. You could do a seascape theme by combining a stack of books about the sea, a bowl of seashells, and color-coordinated candles. Even a couple of accent pieces can convey your theme, softening the look of your living area.

Change It Up

If you have a glass-top coffee table, you don’t have to stay with plain glass. You can use fabric to give your tabletop a completely unique look, changing it every time the mood strikes. One Pinterest user even found a way to turn a glass-top table into an homage to Marilyn Monroe using a poster.

Keep It Simple

If you’re out of ideas, don’t feel pressured to create an elaborate tabletop design. You can achieve great results by using just one or two items. One large floral arrangement or tray with a few candles can add to your décor without cluttering your surfaces.

Find the Right Combination

You can spice things up by getting the right formula for your decorations. Southern Living has a formula for your coffee table that combines something tall, something fresh, a stack of books, and one oddball object. Some formulas have flowers as the tall object, while others use a candle or artsy object. You can refine this formula to fit the items you find, but the key is to find that right combination of items that makes your coffee table look great.

Coffee tables have come a long way over the decades. By finding a way to express your own unique style through your decorating choices, you can create a winning look that you can change as your personal tastes evolve over the years.