Plant Killer? Learn Where to Place Plants in Your Home

Not everyone is born with a green thumb. While some people can spend hours in the garden, creating a yard that is the envy of the neighborhood. You, on the other hand, plant something and watch it die, even when you follow/. instructions explicitly.

Indoor plants can be even more challenging than outdoor landscaping. You’ll deal with insufficient lighting and dry air, as well as the ever-present obstacle of remembering to water all of them each week. However with the right placement, you can fill your home with plants that thrive for months. Here are a few suggestions for plant placements for different rooms of your house.


aloe vera plant

Aloe is known for its medicinal properties, but it also has air-cleansing properties in the home. The plant is known for its ability to cleanse the air of formaldehyde, which is commonly found in homes. Its leaves can also be broken off to reveal the medicine inside, helping heal the cuts and burns you can get while preparing food. Aloe plants do best when exposed to full sunlight but low heat, so a kitchen window would be perfect for it, as long as the blaring sun doesn’t make it too hot during the day.


bamboo plant

Another formaldehyde killer is the snake plant, which is found in toilet paper and some cleaning products. It also thrives in low light, so this would be the perfect plant for a windowless bathroom. For well-lit bathrooms, try a bamboo plant, which will grow toward the light once placed in a room with a window.

Living Rooms and Dens

peace lily

For living rooms and dens, peace lilies are a great choice, since they thrive in low light. They also prefer to be in rooms with lower humidity, taking them out of the running for rooms where water is commonly used, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Peace lilies are good for that room of your house that relies mostly on artificial lights, like living rooms or dens. If your living areas all feature large windows, this type of plant might be a good option for your bonus room or refinished basement.

Front Porches


While the front porch area is technically outside of your house, it lacks the sunlight seen in other areas of your yard. Hosta do well in shady areas, while also being visually appealing. Each spring, they produce purple flowers, then remain green through the summer months. What makes them particularly popular with homeowners, though, is the fact that they are so easy to maintain. With very little work, they’ll come back every spring, looking just as fresh as they did the first year.

Plants are great for cleaning the air and creating a more attractive environment. But often they die because they simply aren’t in the right room of the house to fit their needs. There are low-maintenance plants available that can thrive in low light and require very little maintenance. With the right placement and regular care, you can have a house full of plants that grow and thrive for many years.