7 Interior Design Trends to Look Out For in 2016

Ready to revamp your home’s interior? Even if a redesign hasn’t crossed your mind, you might have a change of heart when you take a gander at the following interior design trends that the fussiest top designers in the industry say will be big in 2016. And it seems as though this is going to be the year of simplicity and calmness based on the following novelties for the new year.

1. Warm Metals

They were already becoming pretty popular in 2015, and will continue to be well into 2016. Warm metals like copper, brass, and the increasingly popular rose gold are sure to continue to experience their rising stars this year, especially in rooms like the kitchen and bathroom. In fact, you can think of these metals as more classic in nature rather than trends, as they really never go out of style. They’re excellent quality, and pair especially well with raw materials like wood and stone.


2. Geometric Tiles

Whether on a kitchen backsplash or bathroom wall, tiles are becoming increasingly decorative. This year, geometric patterns are where it’s at. There’s something psychedelic and fluid about geometric patterns made with tiles, and it’s a trend that we can expect homeowners to embrace in 2016.

3. Outdoors Indoors

Who doesn’t love an outdoor oasis? There’s something absolutely serene about being surrounded by Mother Nature’s finest, but that doesn’t mean you need to leave it all behind when you step foot inside your home. There are lots of creative ways that homeowners are bringing the outdoors in, from palm tree-printed wallpaper, to raw wood table tops, to beach water-colored furniture pieces. The sky’s the limit when it comes to experimenting with bringing nature indoors.


4. Sustainable Materials

You’d have to be living under a rock not to recognize how important and popular ’going green’ is to living a carbon footprint-free lifestyle these days. And that includes how we construct and outfit our homes. From the floors we walk on to the fabric our sofas are covered in, sustainability is at the hub of considerate interiors of today. Homeowners are really keeping a focus on the purchases they’re making for their homes. If it’s recycled, reused or repurposed, it’s worthy of consideration for the environmentally-conscious consumer.

5. Anything Artisan

Expect to see a mish-mash of locally-crafted and internationally-made items living in harmony under one roof in 2016. Weaved textures will be super-hot this year, from crochet, to drape tassels, to hand-woven area rugs. Unique finds like these can also be paired with more conventional pieces from your average big-box store with success. For instance, interior designers aren’t afraid to couple a Persian rug with a coffee table from Sam’s Club.


6. 1970s Inspiration

Remember the carefree, easygoing feel of the 1970s? It’s making a comeback in interior design this year. The fashion industry has already embraced it, and now the interior design realm is perking up and taking notice. Lots of 1970s elements were audacious and socially-influenced in that iconic era, and we can expect to see such factors in homes in 2016, including geometric patterns, elegant metals, animal prints, and funky colors like oranges and greens.

7. Serenity and Rose Quartz

Pantone spoke late in 2015 with their announcement of the colors of the year: serenity and rose quartz. At first glance, one might think these colors are reminiscent of the mid-1980s when shades like these (which are essentially pastel blue and dusty pink) were all the rage on everything from wallpaper to upholstery.

While these hues might not seem like the type that the modern interior designer would use in home decor, they make sense when you think about their social and political undertones: pairing pink and blue together speaks to the societal objectives of today when it comes to gender equality and ambiguity. And even if you’re apathetic about political statements like this, the color combo definitely works to create a serene and subtle interior that’s conducive to tranquility.

While 2016 barely started, the above trends have already made their marks in the world of interior design. Centered around harmony and serenity, the interior trends of 2016 echo our yearning for something a little more relaxed. Natural textures, warm colors and visceral furniture are becoming more embraced in the home.2016rosequartz

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