INFOGRAPHIC: Who Makes Up the Housing Market in California


5 Reasons Why Mortgage Applications Are Rejected, and How to Boost Chances of Approval

Getting approved for a mortgage these days is nowhere near as easy as it was before the economic debacle back in 2008. Lenders are a lot more stringent in their mortgage lending criteria, and for good reason: they don’t want

Why Are Millennials Still on the Fence About Getting Into the Housing Market?

Millennials now make up the largest proportion of the population in the US at over 80 million. With so many of these 20- and 30-somethings, one could only assume that they’d simultaneously make up a large part of the real

What Exactly Goes Into a Home Appraisal?

If you thought finding the perfect home was the hard part of the home buying process, what until you actually have to go from offer acceptance to closing.

A bunch of steps need to be taken in proper succession order

Quicker Closing: How to Sweeten the Deal for Homebuyers

Whether there are tons of competing listings in your neighborhood or you happen to be in a slow market, making your property stand out from the crowd is crucial to a quick sale. And while an affordable listing price may

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After pounding the pavement in search of the perfect home, you finally find one. An offer is put in and accepted, and all closing processes and costs are taken care of. You move in and begin life in your new

How Common Are All-Cash Sales in San Francisco?

All-cash sales have surged across the country, and Bay Area cities are realizing some of the biggest spikes.

As of November 2015, 38.1 percent of real estate transactions of condos and single-family homes in the US were sealed with all-cash