Millennials Are Moving to These 5 US Centers

With 43.5 million millennials making up the US population, it’s worthwhile to find out exactly where this generation is buying and moving. Whether they’re already existing homeowners who are relocating, renters who are entering the housing market for the first

Chinese Buyers Continue to Pour Into US Real Estate

The housing market continues to sizzle in many cities across the US, but it’s not just domestic buyers that are fueling the fire.

Foreign real estate investment continues to be a major player in US real estate, and is expected

California Condos Will Soon Have to Disclose FHA or VA Loan Approvals to Purchasers

If you’re looking to buy a condo in California in the near future, you’ll soon be informed whether or not the condo association is approved for Federal Housing Administration (FHA) or Veterans Administration (VA) mortgages.

As of July, changes to

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Why More Millennials Are Entering the Housing Market Today

With mounds of student debt and sky-high housing prices, millennials have certainly had the odds stacked against them when it comes to getting into the housing market. And after seeing their parents deal with the recession back in 2008 after

Seller’s Guide to Making the Most of Your Open House

You’re opening the doors to your home to let curious buyers have a gander at your place, which will hopefully peak someone’s interest enough to put in an offer. After all, the more eyes that see your home, the better.

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9 Kitchen Design Mistakes to Avoid

No matter how amazing and comfortable the rest of your home may be, there’s something about the kitchen that has everyone congregating to it. No doubt, your kitchen is the hardest working space your home, and should be designed to

Starbucks Boosts Neighborhood and Property Values

Certain neighborhood characteristics obviously have certain effects on property values, whether positive or negative. It’s a no-brainer that having loud railroad tracks in your backyard will drag your home’s value down, while nearby public transit will have the opposite effect.