Bathroom Renovation Trends to Consider This Year

Thinking of giving your bathroom a makeover but not sure where to start? Consider looking at current trends in the world of bathroom remodels to get some inspiration.

Updating your bathroom is a sure-fire way to add some value to your property, and tapping into what interior designers are doing to their clients’ homes is a great way to get some ideas and insight into what’s trending in the world of bathroom renovations.

Here are a few bathroom renovation trends to help make planning your bathroom remodeling job a little easier.


Earthy Materials

Bringing the serenity of Mother Nature into your bathroom is a big trend this year. Homeowners are infusing things like natural stone, wood planks, and river rock on floors, walls, vanity tops, sinks and bathtubs. Bathrooms can often be quite harsh and sterile, with white porcelain often taking over. But this year, you might want to offset that look with more earthy materials to bring a sense of calmness to the space.

Feature Floor Tiles

Floors that make a bold statement are a big trend in bathroom design these days. While stand-alone tubs, oversized mirrors, and feature walls have often been used to create a focal point, designers are looking down to make a statement. Vibrant floor tiles in prominent colors creates a dazzling look that helps to balance more muted white finish in the space. They offer a wonderful design opportunity when it comes to revamping challenging bathrooms that might not have clear walls to act as a feature wall.


Creative Tile Patterns

There’s no need to lay tiles in your average run-of-the-mill way. Patterned and geometric tiles are becoming increasingly popular, and offer a way to add a unique and quirky element to the bathroom. Basic tiles may still be a classic, but their creative patterns help give them a new twist. Some of the more popular patterns include herringbone, basketweave, and windmill patterns.

Double Shower Heads

Spacious showers have already been popular over the recent past, with many homeowners foregoing bathtubs altogether in order to make more room. Along with more room in shower stalls comes plenty of space to install double shower heads, a trend that’s becoming more and more popular these days.

Another popular setup includes an oversized rain shower head and separate handset, an arrangement that provides a wonderful design element to the space without overcrowding it.

Stand-Alone Bathtubs


If you want a bathtub, and have the space for it, you might want to nix the typical wall-back tub for a free-standing version. These stand-alone models create a remarkable presence and almost act like a sculptural piece of art. They’re the perfect component to add if it’s a spa-like atmosphere that you’re after. Freestanding tubs evoke a feeling of tranquility in the middle of the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 


Metal surfaces and accessories have become extremely popular in home design as of late, and the look is spilling into the bathroom. These shiny materials add plenty of glamor and sheen to interiors, and looks especially wonderful when paired with more natural materials. Metal is particularly effective at reflecting light, which is particularly helpful in smaller spaces like bathrooms to help visually expand the area. Think brass, brushed stainless steel, and copper if you’re considering adding metal to your new bathroom.

Smart Water Control

Forget about just turning the faucet on and off, and manually turning it to hot or cold. Today, you’ll be seeing a lot more clever, easy-to-use fixtures that give you as much control over the water flow and temperature as you can imagine. These days, it’s not uncommon to see fixtures such as thermostatic mixers, controls that operate multiple water sources, and even touchscreens to control showerheads and faucets.

The bathroom might be small in size compared to other rooms in the home, but the statement they make and the value they add to homes cannot be understated. Planning your bathroom renovation should be done with great care in order to get the most bang for your buck, and create a masterpiece that you’ll be very pleased with. Consider some of the above trends in bathroom design to create a stylish and functional bathroom that you’ll be proud to show off.