What Can Happen if You List Your Home Too High?

Every seller wants to rake in as much money on the sale of their homes as possible. For this reason, it can be really enticing to list with a really high price in hopes of a buyer taking the bait.

Sellers: Be Prepared For These Types of Buyers

In a perfect world, sellers would only encounter serious buyers who present zero obstacles in the selling process. But just like in all other aspects of life, the world of real estate comes with all sorts of characters.

Sure, you

4 Problems FSBO’s Often Face

Whether sellers are trying to keep more money in their pockets, or just think they can sell their homes on their own without any help, they typically meet a ton of obstacles along the way.

Taking the ‘For Sale By

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Urban living comes with its own set of perks: the proximity to work, the entertainment, and the amenities. But along with living in downtown cores comes the traffic, pollution, and lack of green space.

But more and more urbanites have

13 Creative Ways to Make Your Small Space Look Much Bigger

Small spaces certain pose a set of design challenges, but there are plenty of savvy decor tactics that can be employed to make a room seem larger than it actually is, while keeping it stylish at the same time.


California Homes Improving on Water Conservation

Well into its fifth straight year of severe drought, California continues to experience a major shortage of water. Parched land, dying trees, and wildfires are rampant throughout the state.

Regulators have been taking steps to manage the situation, including encouraging

7 Reasons Your Home is Lingering on the Market

If your home has been sitting on the market for a while with no bites, you might want to figure out what the problem is. The longer your home is listed without any offers, the more frustrating and costly it’ll

Buying a Fixer-Upper? Follow This Advice

If you’ve watched shows such as “Property Brothers” and the like, you know that there’s real potential in buying and renovating a fixer-upper. Instead of paying more for a home that’s already upgraded, you can potentially save some money and …