How to Renovate Your Kitchen in the Right Sequence of Phases


If you’ve got a new kitchen on the mind, you likely want to dive head first into the job and get it done as quickly as possible. After all, you’ve got the budget, the vision, and the desire, so all

6 Real Estate Ad Terms to Be Wary Of


Real estate listings are very cleverly written. After all, there’s only so much space allotted for a thorough description of a property, so just the right words need to be used to paint a good picture of the home.


7 of Top 10 Luxury Real Estate Markets Are in California


New York might still hold top spot in luxury housing markets in the U.S., but seven out of the top 10 counties that boast the highest luxury housing prices in the country are in California, according to’s Luxury Homes

Floating Homes Are an Affordable Option For California Homebuyers


Living directly on a waterfront in California is extremely expensive and an out-of-reach option for many homebuyers.

Or is it?

There is another alternative for homebuyers who are looking for a unique and marine-like setting, as well as something relatively

8 Interesting Ways to Landscape Your Yard With Bamboo

Bamboo has become one of the most popular “green” and environmentally-friendly materials used in many aspects of home construction and decor. This sustainable material is not only durable, it’s also attractive, and can be taken outdoors and incorporated into a

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California has a ton of hot markets from top to bottom. There is plenty to choose from for any real estate investor looking to snatch up valuable properties to rent out for top dollar. Regardless of precisely what you’re looking

Your 12-Month Checklist Before Buying a Home

Considering the magnitude of the purchase, buying a home requires a lot more than just scoping out a few listing on the internet, scheduling a couple of showings, and slipping in your offer. You’ll need to take your time on

6 Factors that Negatively Impact Your Property Insurance


Homeowners must have property insurance to protect their homes from damage, theft, or liability. Lenders will likely not even approve you for a mortgage if you don’t take out a policy. Homeowner’s insurance might seem like another pesky bill to

7 Hotel Room Decor Tips to Use in Your Home


Ever noticed that upscale hotel rooms seem to be decorated with great style and flair? That’s because experts in the world of interior design and decor have had their hand at these spaces. Why not take some cues from these