Should You Renovate or Tear Down and Rebuild Your Home?


If you’re looking to make some big changes to your home, a huge gut job and renovation might be warranted. But considering the magnitude of the changes that might be required, sometimes a complete teardown and rebuild might be warranted

INFOGRAPHIC: California’s Third Quarter Housing Affordability Stats


The Pros and Cons of a Home Addition

Whether your family is growing, or your home simply isn’t meeting your needs in terms of space, you’ve got a couple of options: either move to a larger home with more square footage, or add it to your existing home

6 Things To Do When Selling With Pets in the Home

Whether you’ve got dogs, cats, hamsters, or bunnies running around at home, they’re part of the family. We love our pets, but that doesn’t mean potential buyers necessarily want to see them – or any evidence of them – when

Pros and Cons of Exterior Stucco For Your Home


Stucco provides a clean, smooth, modern finish to a home’s exterior, which is why it’s such a popular choice among California homeowners. If you’re considering revamping your home’s exterior, stucco is likely one of your options.

Before you cover your

INFOGRAPHIC: California’s September 2016 Housing Market Update


7 Staging Tips to Get Buyers to Bite


The majority of buyers make a decision about what they think of a home within a few short seconds of laying their eyes on it. We’ve all heard the cliche, ‘you never get a second chance to make a first

Tips to Cutting Back on Closing Costs When Buying


Closing costs can add a lot more money to the final price tag when buying a home, and much of them need to be paid right out of the gates. Some of these fees might seem like they came out