FHA-Backed HECM Reverse Mortgages 101


Imagine being mortgage-free or having access to tax-free money that can be used to cover any one of life’s major expenses?

For eligible American homeowners aged 62 years or older, this can be a reality thanks to Home Equity Conversion

Problems That Could Arise if Buyers Move in Before Closing


Usually, buyers move into a home they purchased only after escrow closes, but there are times when buyers get possession of the home before closing. While not very common, buyers who ask to move into the home before closing might

INFOGRAPHIC: C.A.R.’s January Sales Report


How Do Capital Gains Taxes Work When Selling Real Estate?


Depending on the circumstances surrounding the sale of your property, you could wind up having to pay capital gains taxes to Uncle Sam come tax time.

A capital gain is the profit you make when selling real estate after deducting

Common Reasons Why Pending Sales Never Make it to Closing


Whether you’re on the buying or selling end of a real estate transaction, making it all the way to offer acceptance is a huge, rewarding step. Unfortunately, the deal isn’t quite done yet: you still have to make it to

How Does a Comparative Market Analysis Help You Sell Your Home?


After you’ve decided to sell your home, how much will you be listing it for? The asking price can’t be just some arbitrary number that you come up with in an effort to rake in top dollar for your home.

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How to Figure Out How Much of Your Income Should Be Spent on a Mortgage


Before you start pounding the pavement in search of your next home and book showings, you might want to find out exactly how much you can afford first. There’s no sense in looking in the $600,000 range, for instance, if

Pros and Cons of Owner Financing


A home purchase is a very expensive one and typically requires some type of financing. The more common way to finance such a large purchase is to obtain a mortgage from a lender or bank, but there are other more