What Are HOA Special Assessments and Why Should You Care?


You’ve most likely already heard of a homeowner’s association (HOA), which is basically the governing entity over homes and common areas within an HOA community. It’s the HOA that sets forth a set of rules and regulations that homeowners need

Tips for Listing Your Condo For a Quick Sale


While there are certainly similarities between selling different forms of real estate, there are also some differences that should be noted as well. Before you even begin the listing process for your condo, it would be wise to understand what

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Turned Down For a Mortgage? Here Are Your Next Steps


It can be devastating to be turned down for a mortgage after getting your heart set on buying a new home. While lenders have loosened their lending criteria somewhat since the financial debacle nearly a decade ago, it can still

Pros and Cons of a Month-to-Month Lease For Tenants


The majority of leases are typically for a 12-month time frame. After that 12-month lease expires, tenants can enter a month-to-month tenancy unless a completely brand new contract is negotiated and signed.

However, there are circumstances whereby a tenant and

Moved For Your Job? You Can Deduct Certain Moving Expenses


The process of buying and selling is certainly an expensive one, so anything you can do to save a buck or two would be a welcomed proposition. The good news is, you might be able to save a little of

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6 Home Repairs That You Shouldn’t Put Off


Issues with homes are bound to pop up no matter how well you care for your home. Some issues are minor, while others can actually make the home be dangerous to be in. It’s not uncommon to procrastinate on certain