Top Websites For Home Renovation and Remodeling Inspiration


Most homeowners who are thinking about remodeling or renovating their homes often scope out home design magazines or popular television shows on HGTV. But thanks to the internet, there are tons of websites out there dedicated to home design that

How to Prepare Your Home for an Inspection


Before the deal on your home sale is sealed, a few contingencies will likely have to be fulfilled first, and that includes a home inspection.

Buyers typically include a home inspection contingency in their real estate contracts in order to

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California Governor Signs New Affordable Housing Legislation


The lack of affordable housing in California is an issue that continues to plague residents of the Golden State. The statewide median home price currently sits at $565,330 and is expected to rise well into 2018. That’s more than twice

Can I Increase My Home’s Price After It’s Been Listed?


You’ve probably heard of sellers lowering the listing price of their homes if they’re not generating enough interest. Reducing the price of a home is typically done if the price was listed too high in the first place, or if

What’s the Difference Between an APR and Mortgage Interest Rate?


When you take out a mortgage, you’ll be paying an interest portion on each monthly payment in addition to contributing to the principal. The mortgage rate that you’re quoted makes a big difference in the overall cost of your mortgage.

What is a Full-Service Real Estate Brokerage?


If you’re ready to sell your home, a real estate professional is an absolutely crucial piece of the equation. But there are options for you to consider in terms of the exact type of real estate service you want to

What Can Sellers Do if the Buyer Backs Out of the Deal?


The selling process can definitely be intense and even overwhelming at times. After all, we’re talking about a massive investment. There are plenty of efforts made to find the right buyer who is qualified and interested in buying your home,

What Are Reasonable Requests to Make After a Home Inspection?


The odds of problems being uncovered during a home inspection are pretty high, no matter how minor. Just about every house has some issues, even new ones.

It’s pretty common for buyers to make repair requests with the seller, especially