Over-the-Top Home Features of Celebrities


When you think of celebrity homes, you automatically think of spectacular finishes, mesmerizing scenery, and eye-popping features. But aside from the average home theater, wine cellar, and spa-like bathrooms, some celebrities have used their financial power to equip their homes with some of the most over-the-top amenities you’ll ever dream of.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Holistic Apartment


Though he just sold his NYC apartment back in December 2016, Leonardo DiCaprio’s previous eco-conscious pad in the Big Apple boasted everything you would expect a ‘healthy’ apartment to have, including a vitamin C-infused shower, circadian rhythm lighting, and built-in juicing station. The building also features posture supporting floors and a built-in herbarium.

Drake’s Grotto Pool

Canadian rapper Drake put $7.7 million of his fortune on a Hidden Hills ‘Yolo Estate’ which comes equipped with an unbelievable grotto-style swimming pool, finished with a mini-bridge and an 80-foot water slide. Other over-the-top amenities in this mansion include a hidden bedroom behind a bookshelf, equestrian ring, and even a mechanical bull.

Celine Dion’s Water Park


Another Canadian makes this list, and this time it’s songbird Celine Dion. The Las Vegas resident purchased a mansion in Florida back in 2010 and turned the six-acre property into a water park. Included in this outdoor oasis is a massive swimming pool, plenty of water slides, water gun stations, and even an expansive private beach. Celine ended up selling the Jupiter Island compound just this past summer for close to the $38.5 million asking price.

Richard Branson’s Private Island

When it comes to the ultimate in privacy, nothing beats being the only home on an entire island. That’s exactly what Richard Branson can brag about after buying his own private tropical island in the British Virgin Islands. The business magnate and investor bought the land back when he was only 28 years old and spent millions of dollars transforming it into his own resort.

John Travolta’s Runways


“Grease” alum John Travolta has had his pilot’s license for a long time now, and to make it easier for him to take up his past time, the actor has two runways conveniently located in his Ocala, Florida property. Travolta owns his own fleet of airplanes, including a Boeing 707.

Kim and Kanye’s Vineyard

California is known for its vineyards, but reality star Kim Kardashian West and her rapper husband Kanye West have decided to bring the grape vines right to their own backyard. The couple has revived the vineyard on their Hidden Hills property and plans to enjoy the fruits of the vines for themselves rather than selling it.

Oprah Winfrey’s Lake


A pool or pond obviously wasn’t enough for television host Oprah Winfrey, who boasts an actual lake on her Montecito property. Thanks to the 42 acres of land, there’s certainly plenty of room for it. The mansion is worth an estimated $85 million and is considered among the most expensive celebrity homes.

Dr. Dre’s Moat

Traditionally built as a means to defend a castle or fort, a moat isn’t exactly something you’d see surrounding today’s average residence. But Dr. Dre is one of the very few homeowners to boast a moat around his Brentwood mansion. The rapper, record producer, and entrepreneur purchased the home from previous owners Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady for a reported $40 million back in 2014.

Lady Gaga’s Bowling Alley


Lady Gaga dropped $23 million in 2014 for her Malibu estate, and the place is chock full of everything you’d need to stay entertained, including a bowling alley. Gaga can retreat to her very own two-lane Brunswick bowling alley any time she wants to whenever the need to shoot a perfect 300 arises. If she ever gets bored of that sport, there’s always the bocce court to head to.

Markus Persson’s Candy Room

‘Minecraft’ game creator Markus Persson spent $70 million for his Beverly Hills home that comes equipped with a myriad of unbelievable features, including a candy room that costs $200,000 to stock. The room is lined with 25 different types of candy stacked on a wall, as well as M&M character sculptures.

Jerry Seinfeld’s Baseball Diamond


Jerry Seinfeld must be one heck of a baseball fan, because his sprawling Hamptons estate comes with its own baseball diamond. There’s plenty of room on the 12-acre property for a sports field of that size. Seinfeld bought the home off of Billy Joel in 2000.

These are certainly not your average residential features. Tucked behind those gated communities and impressive exterior architecture lies amenities that prove some celebrities have more money than they know what to do with. One thing’s for certain – these celebs definitely know how to make their mansions truly unique with these out-of-this-world features.