Handy Gadgets That Will Keep Your Swimming Pool Safe For Everyone

When it comes to keeping small children and pets safe near swimming pools, specific measures are absolute musts, such as having a fence around the perimeter of the water. But even with safety measures like these in place, anything can

The Latest Trends in Man Caves

Everybody needs their own space from time to time. For men, the “man cave” has long been a place to retreat to when a little time with the boys is on the agenda. But man caves don’t have to be

INFOGRAPHIC: National Existing Home Sales Report For October 2017

Top-Ranked Workplaces in California

There are plenty of awesome companies out there to work for, and Californians have the great benefit of having many of them headquartered right here in the Golden State. From unlimited time off work to on-site play facilities, the following

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The new year is right around the corner, and along with all those resolutions everyone is making comes a whole slew of home design trends that homeowners will be coveting and implementing into their interiors.

If you’re looking to revamp

9 Simple Hacks to Creating a Less Wasteful House

You’d be amazed – or even disappointed – at how much waste your home might be responsible for creating. In fact, the average American produces about 4.4. pounds of garbage every single day, which amounts to over 700,000 tons of

7 Ways to Avoid Foreclosure if You Can’t Keep Up With Mortgage Payments

Foreclosure is not nearly as rampant as it was a decade ago when the housing market crashed, but it’s still a very real scenario for many homeowners across the country. No homeowner wants to be the victim of foreclosure, but

Tips For Brightening Up Dark Spaces

Even rooms that are generous in square footage can seem dark. And with the days continuing to shorten and fewer daylight hours available to brighten things up, things can get pretty gloomy indoors.

If your space is particularly dark, consider