7 Affordable Ways to Give Your Home a Luxurious Feel

Just because you’re not filthy rich, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to have a home that you can call “luxurious.” Sure, celebrities may spend over seven figures building and designing homes that are over the top, but there are

Guide to San Diego’s Hidden Treasures

One of the advantages of living in a city as beautiful and diverse as San Diego is that it provides endless opportunities to explore varying neighborhoods and their local food, culture, and hidden gems. Unwinding after a long week in …

Unique Bar Ideas for Serving Guests in Your Home

If you entertain regularly, you know that alcohol can be a great addition to any party. Even if you serve only beer and wine, it’s important to have a good selection to satisfy each of your guest’s tastes. But the

Plant Killer? Learn Where to Place Plants in Your Home

Not everyone is born with a green thumb. While some people can spend hours in the garden, creating a yard that is the envy of the neighborhood. You, on the other hand, plant something and watch it die, even when

5 of the World’s Hottest Luxury Real Estate Markets (Infographic)

While cities like New York, London and Paris still make the list of some of the world’s hottest luxury real estate markets, sales have cooled somewhat. This makes room for other international cities to emerge on the list of markets

How Reverse Mortgages Can Help Seniors Throughout Retirement

Many Americans are living longer than they may have initially anticipated. And while that may be a positive thing, it also poses a problem: having enough money to live comfortably throughout the golden years.

Retirement planning should always be a

Upcoming Local Events in San Diego

“Which city is the best city in America, and why is it San Diego?”

That’s probably something you’ve heard before, and if you didn’t, then we’re doing it for you. There aren’t enough reasons to list why San Diego is …

Understand the ‘Comps’ in Your Neighborhood in 5 Steps

Every seller would love to sell their home for top dollar, and every buyer wants to get the best deal on the purchase of a home.

However, the listing and sale price of a home isn’t just some random, arbitrary

Own a Historic Home? These Regulations Could Affect Your Remodeling Plans

There’s something unique and charming about a historic home. The features in these century-old properties are rarely found in new construction, and the location of these homes typically feature mature trees and greenery – something that you don’t always see

4 Home Remodeling Projects You Shouldn’t Do Yourself

Nothing can compare to the gratification that comes from successfully completing a home remodeling project yourself. Whether you’re retiling your bathroom or finishing a basement, there are many things you can accomplish yourself with hard work and determination.

However, there